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Our property at Bamboo Creations Australia began as a cut flower market garden bound for the Japanese exotic flower market.The open aspect of the site allowed to much wind around our precious flowers. As a result we planted bamboo originally as a windbreak. We soon began to notice that not only did this wonderful drought-resistent plant serve as shelter from the wind but also reduced the number of frosts we experienced. It became an eco-friendly, wholistic bamboo experience!

In January 2000 the business was registered as Bamboo Creations Australia and has been growing many varieties of clumping bamboo in the scenic hills of Burringbar, NSW beautifully nestled between  the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. With our long and happy relationship growing and living amongst this amazing plant we are able to demonstarte to our customers the wonderful versatility, speed and sustainable qualities of our many non-invasive bamboo varieties.

As all our plants are propagated and grown on the property we are experienced with all aspects of its growth to full maturity. You can be assured that you will be informed and supported in your personal bamboo experience.